Play the Impossible Quiz 3 and Test your Knowledge

The Impossible Quiz 3, like the two Impossible Quizzes before it, encourages players to think outside of the box while testing their intellectual ability. Sometimes though, the obvious answers turn out not to be so obvious meaning players will really need to thrown their thinking caps on before diving into this one! Also, the game only allows three wrong answers before it spits you out and forces you to start from the beginning again, so it’s important to buckle down and stay focused!



To play Impossible Quiz 3, the player must read each question carefully and answer by using logic, guessing and a little bit of trial and error. Remember, with each wrong answer you lose a life, and as mentioned before you only get three lives per game. If you manage to actually answer a certain number of “impossible” questions in a row, you will be allowed a “skip” option for later questions if you get stuck. Don’t let that get your hopes up too high though because not all of the questions will allow you to skip you have to be selective with your choices and only use that skip button when you really need it. It’s also important to know that some questions have bombs attached and you will need to answer them within one second or risk being blown to bits and sent screaming back to the start.

The Impossible Quiz Book

Controls to Play:

A fully functioning computer mouse is the only tool you will need to play this game successfully, other than your brain that is. The player must select the correct answer, or what they think is the correct answer, that appears on the screen with their mouse in order to answer the posed question. Always remember that this quiz is meant to be “impossible” so stay positive and don’t stress yourself out if you answer incorrectly, just take a deep breath and keep on trucking!

Diesel and Death: One of the Best Adrenaline Rush Racing Game

Diesel and Death: One of the Best Adrenaline Rush Racing GameThe Diesel and Death game is a dual play type of game that includes a racer and the competitor. Diesel is the role played by the computer while Death, is the role played by you the competitor. The levels of the power-ups as well as the health of your bike are usually displayed on the screen. The more your bike gets destroyed, the lower its health deteriorates. Once the health lifeline is depleted, your game is over and you lose. The same applies to your competitors. The more you attack and destroy their bikes, the higher the chances of defeating them. Power-up options can be gained throughout the game. Destroy your opponents and pass through the different levels of the junkyard to gain more points and power-ups to see you through the game.

How to Play/Instructions
The main principle behind this game is to race as fast as you can across the junkyard and beat all your opponents. The first racer past the flags wins the game. If just racing is not your thing and you would like to add some adrenaline in the race, all you have to do is destroy your enemies and win. Race as fast as you can and catch up with your opponents. Destroy and pass them to gain more points as well as increase your chances of winning.

It’s basically easy to play this game. Only five keypads are required to control the entire game. These keypads are Up, Down, Right side, Left Side and the Space button. Each and every button plays its own primary role. Increasing the speed, gaining power-ups and attacking your enemy are all done at the five cursors. The Up keypad is used to lift the bike during jumps. The Left keypad is used to brake/slowdown the bike while the Right keypad is used to accelerate the bike in different directions. The Space keypad is used to gain the power-up option as well as attack your opponents.

A Detailed Look at Boxhead Games: The Ultimtate PC Flash Games to Play

A Detailed Look at Boxhead Games: The Ultimtate PC Flash Games to PlayBoxhead, created by Sean Cooper, is not a conventional zombie shooting PC flash game. It’s a series of PC flash games that begin with the original game, Boxhead The Zombie Wars. Boxhead Games have progressively achieved immense popularity and have extended with Boxhead Play Rooms and Boxhead The Rooms. By the way both versions of this fascinating game can be found at

Objective of Boxhead Games
This is pretty simple; you either kill or be killed. It is imperative to gather enough power-ups and weapons along the way while keeping your multiplier at the highest possible level. You typically earn more weapons, or upgrade your current weapons when you increase your multiplier. And, every single kill increases it by 1. The multiplier will eventually go back down, which helps to speed up depending on the overall level of your multiplier.

Enemies and Weaknesses
Zombies are absolutely easy to kill, but it can be an actual pain if they dodge you. When zombies dodge you, it’d be prudent to utilize the best weapons, such as the grenades and shotgun, to assassinate them. Alternatively, you’ve what it takes to choose your favorite weapon to use in killing the zombie.

Devils are rather stronger than zombies, and that’s why it can take lots of time as well as dozens of shots to eliminate them. They’re typically sturdy against the explosive and rail guns. Experts suggest incorporating Uzi or shotgun to kill them.
The Uzi tends to be fast, as a result, it will shoot the devils down before they rise up and start shooting fireballs at you. On the other hand, a shotgun tends to be extremely strong. Consequently, it will take them down in fewer shots.

How To Stay Alive
You can’t just approach a mob of “perilous” zombies if you’re low on health because you’ll die easily. It is important to avoid them so you can give yourself ample time to regain your full health. You can similarly grab an item box whenever your health is low to give you full health.

Be extra careful, though. Remember, after the initial 20 to 30 levels or more, it’ll cease from providing you with full health—making you susceptible to death as you’ll be relying on your own health regeneration.

Movement and Controls
– Player 1: Arrow keys for movement
– Player 2: W, A, S, and D for movement

– Player 1: Space (single player)
– Player 1: / (Multi player)
– Player 2: Space

Changing Weapons
– Single Player: Numbers 0-9
– Player 1: keys (Multi player)
– Player 2: E and Q keys

Always ensure that you upgrade. Your weapons will get better and better as you earn more. Therefore, be keeping your multiplier up for a better result.

Always ensure that you take good care of the Box Devils as soon as possible. Box Devils can just shoot energy balls at you even if you aren’t shooting at them.

Always play on Cooperative Mode, just two times the overall firepower. While explosives are your best friend, they can likewise turn out to be your worst enemy. So, make sure you aren’t too giddy with the Rocket Launcher since the splash damage can certainly thwart your zombie killing strategies.

Discover a better gaming experience with SSF2 Mcleodgaming

McLeodGaming was initially started by Gregory McLeod as a form of calculator game site, displaying TI-83 Plus calculator game modes such as SSF2. This particular game has seen major upgrades since its first launch, such as inclusion of Flash 10 AS3 which makes SSF2 Mcleodgaming even more interesting to play. It’s basically an arcade-style game, where different characters are pitted against one another in a cage.

Gameplay & controls 

This game features approximately 28 playable characters not counting the double players, out of which 13 have been identified as starter characters, with 15 others being unlockable. Each one has a basic move-set comprising of just 5 attacks, which include standard, side, up, aerial and down. The characters belong to unique world, and each has some distinctive qualities.

Discover a better gaming experience with SSF2 McleodgamingControls 

In terms of controls, the first layer typically works with both arrow buttons & numeric pads while the second one uses keys W, D, A, S, P and O for launching attacks and defending. Despite its title, the SSF2 Mcleodgaming isn’t a sequel for the predecessor but rather a totally new game with different setting.

Cheats and tricks  

  1. a) Level Skip If you’re interested in skipping a levels, all you have to do is ‘right click’ on the gaming screen to initiate ‘Settings,’ then right click again and press ‘Play.’ This cheat can only be valid for 4 levels, when playing using the Adventure Mode setting.
  2. b) Freezing Opponents To freeze an enemy, simply go to training mode panel and switch ON the attack feature. Wait till the opponent bursts a move, and immediately he attacks click on ‘pause button’ and deactivate the attack. Your antagonist will immediately be frozen when this happens.

Note that certain criteria must be met first before unlocking some characters, currently SSF2 demos maintain an average of 400,000 plays per day on McLeodGaming , and have even peaked at more than 1 million streams a day.

Booyah Touchdown! The First Return Man

Booyah Touchdown! The First Return ManThis article is about the ESPN game, ‘Return Man’. It’s a cool, simple game.

The objective of the game is to field the kick (which is automatic), run down the pitch, avoid the tacklers from the opposing team, and get that all important touchdown! Basically, your defending blockers do A LOT of the work for you. They’re charging up the pitch, blocking the opposing players and trying to create a path for you to run through and get a touchdown.

CONTROLS – The controls for this game are really simple, there are three main controls, which are, I, for running forward, J, for running left, and L, for running right. As you get a little further into the game, you will start to use a few more characters, you use A, S and D for some cool feature moves that will help you get up the field easier, avoid your opponents, and get that touchdown.

GAME PLAY – You start the game with 4 possessions, which basically act as lives. Obviously once you fail to make a touchdown and get tackled, one of those possessions will be removed. As you get further through the game you can earn extra possessions. A really helpful feature of this game is the lightning symbol, which is located somewhere on the field. If you find, and run through this lightning bolt symbol, it gives you a huge speed boost for a couple of seconds and it really does help!

In terms of scoring, basically it calculates how many yards you have ran and times that number by ten, for example if you run 87 yards, you get a score of 870, plus any kind of bonus points that you accumulate, there are also five trophy levels, which start at 8000 points and ends with 42000 points.

As you progress through the game, you will unlock some really cool and helpful features. The feature moves are Juke, Hurdle, and Afterburner, you can only use these moves once per game.They become really helpful as the game progresses as each level obviously becomes more difficult. They all provide a stunning move to use on your opponents, for example the first move that you unlock is Juke, where you can sidestep an opponent.

Well that about wraps it up. I hope you all enjoy the game as much as I do! If you would like to play Return man 4 Linebacker please visit this link.

Available on steam: Best RPGs of 2015

Everyone enjoys playing through a great RPG from time to time, and lately the PC gaming crowd has been picking up some great ones. Now that the focus has shifted away from consoles, we’re even seeing Japanese developers bringing their games to the PC platform. There has never been a better time for those who love RPG’s to consider ditching their console in favour of a gaming computer. So, let’s take a look at some of the best RPG games from steam released this year.

Available on steam: Best RPGs of 2015Fairy Fencer FOnce assumed by most to be a Playstation exclusive, Fairy Fencer F has recently seen a release on steam. Offering some super cute characters this JRPG is a great game for those who like their RPG games in the traditional on-rails style. Featuring a hybrid battle system somewhere between action and turn-based, this game has something which will appeal to everyone.
Pillars of EternityFamously crowd funded for almost $4,000,000 this is the spiritual successor to the extremely popular Baldur’s gate series. Very different to Fairy Fencer F, this is a western RPG with immersion as its most important feature. With extremely in-depth character creation and a world absolutely teeming with quests and dialogue, you can expect to take close to 100 hours to fully complete this game. Perhaps the best game of 2015 for players seeking to fully immerse themselves in another reality for a week or two.

The Witcher 3: Wild HuntA series with its roots in PC gaming, The Witcher is based on a series of novels by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski. Already having a rich and gritty backstory established in the books, this game sees the player guiding Geralt (the aforementioned witcher) through various increasingly dangerous monster hunts, sometimes finding the real monsters to be his employers. This is an action RPG with a strong emphasis on twitch fighting skills, perhaps best suited to players interested in taking a more hands on approach. Also one of the most graphically demand games available, this is perhaps the most visually appealing video game released this year.

There are also browser RPG games available on Steam, for example – Stick RPG 2 hacked, I know browser games are not decent it terms of graphics, but they still can be very entertaining while you are at work 😉

2015 has been an amazing year for PC gamers, and 2016 is already looking to be just as good with games like Cyberpunk 2077 and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. Maybe it’s time to consider upgrading that gaming PC?

Happy Wheels – Free and Fun Online Arcade Game

Happy Wheels is a fun browser arcade game developed by Jim Bonacci with huge number of different levels and very intriguing gameplay. The game begins by choosing one of the characters that will use different and sometimes very atypical vehicles to pass the game’s levels. There are four basic characters if you play basic version, and it is possible to unlock more, if you play Happy Wheels full version. The game relies mostly on user-generated content, so each level can have a different goal, but in most cases it will be reaching some area without injuring character you control. Every character in the game is irresponsible driver that ignores all dangerous and consequences while trying to complete a mission and achieve a victory. “Happy Wheels” is also well known for its violence, so this game probably isn’t appropriate for younger children. Beside that, it is considered as one of the best free flash games and level editor allowed the huge amount of user generated content, you can play it here – for free. The author continues to support this game and add new characters, so it is possible that the game will become even more fun in the future.

happy wheels gameGame Characters
Each character drives a specific vehicle and all of them possess a special ability that can be used for specific purposes. For example, Wheelchair Guy’s can use his jet to speed up, Segway Guy can perform a jump with his Segway. Some characters can be ejected from vehicles and they can be independently controlled in such situation. Four characters are available in the game from the beginning, but the number of them is quickly growing.
– Wheelchair Guy
This is a homeless man in a wheelchair, but with a rocket strapped to it. Wheelchair Guy is difficult characters, as the rocket can be hard to control.
– Segway Guy
It is the most popular character as he is the most easily controlled character. The special ability of Segway Guy is to jump.
– Irresponsible Dad
It is another popular character, Irresponsible Dad uses a simple bike and has his Son with him. They can be separately controlled.
– Effective Shopper
Effective Shopper is a big lady driving a motorized cart. There is a severe lack of power, but has a special ability – jump.

New Happy Wheels characters were added in months after the game was introduced to the public for the first time. Some of them are Moped Couple, Santa Claus, Explorer Guy, Lawnmower Man, Irresponsible Mom, Pogo Stick Man, and Helicopter Man.


Game controls
The characters in this game are able for some special tasks and it can be effectively used in some specific situations.

Space – 1st action button
Segway Guy – jumps
Effective Shopper – jumps
Irresponsible Dad – brakes
Wheelchair Guy – boosts
Moped Couple – boost, but limited time
Lawnmower Guy – jumps
Santa Claus – flies, but limited time
Explorer Guy – lock onto rail

Shift – 2nd action button
Wheelchair Guy – rotate rocket
Segway Guy – straighten legs Moped Couple – eject woman
Explorer Guy – lean forward
Irresponsible Dad – eject

Ctrl – 3rd action button
Wheelchair Guy – rotate rocket
Irresponsible Dad – eject child
Moped Couple – brake
Explorer Guy – lean backward
Segway Guy – bend legs

Presenting you awesome 3D racing game – FFX Runner!

FFX-RunnerPresenting you awesome 3D racing game – FFX Runner! Unlike other racing games where your only mission is to race your opponents and reach finish line first here you will also have to avoid attacks from enemy vehicles. It is pretty hard to escape your foes because they appear from different sides and strike you with high speed, if you will receive too much damage your car will explode and you will lose the game.

It is impossible to escape from your enemies, because they will follow you everywhere, only thing what you can do is to avoid getting smashed by them and while doing so you must explore this huge city and find exit points before other vehicles will get you! But, it is not really that hard, game also offers you different solutions to fix your vehicle, you must pick up fuel and wrench bubbles which will help you to fix broken pieces of your car. However, watch your back; remember enemies can strike you any time!

There is a lot of action in this game and exploring huge city itself is very entertaining, additionally you have to run away from enemies and fix your machine while doing so. What is really important in FFX Runner is that that you have to keep an eye on the level of your fuel and also health bar in order to avoid unexpected “surprises”.

Now finally I want to tell you about controls of the game:


Space bar – Brake
Up arrow key or Ctrl – Accelerate
Down arrow key or Alt – Reverse
Left arrow key – Turn left
Right arrow key – Turn right
P button – Pause

controlsThat is all what you need to know for now, rest you can find out yourself in the game. I just want to tell you that you can play this game on your mobile devices and tablets as well, good luck and have fun in this amazing/action racing game – FFX Runner!